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This intern will design a plan to build the membership of Grand Aspirations (GA). GA members pay a small annual fee to get access to trainings, materials, newsletters, and programmatic updates. The intern will determine key target markets and design a “membership drive” process that aims to bring in new members in a coordinated fashion. The intern will also determine good membership-engagement practices and create a toolkit for GA leaders to use for engaging members in GA’s activities, in order to sustain long-term participation and giving.

If you are interested, please email Leo Qin at with your resume and a cover letter. We will work with you to receive credit or anything else you need. This position will work closely with Leo (our membership manager) and loosely with a local team on the ground in Portland (to provide context and support within the organization)


1. Learn about and understand Grand Aspirations’ current membership system and current practices for membership engagement.
2. Conduct surveys with GA leaders to identify key priorities for membership engagement and target membership.
3. Research organizational best practices for membership management by reaching out to similar organizations and from non-profit resource guides.
4. Create marketing materials for GA membership that are geared towards the “target member.” Work with GA’s Media Team to promote those materials.
5. Create a set of tools to hand off to GA’s national teams for methods to engage members (newsletters, social media best practices, etc.).


1. Experience and/or coursework regarding marketing.
2. Experience with writing newsletters and using social media platforms for organizing efforts a plus.
3. Ability to work independently and produce high-quality results.
4. Willingness to learn and engage in new concepts.
5. Interest in learning about non-profit organizational systems.

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