Project Development / Assistant Director

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Home Of Eden
Company Location: Richmond, VA
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 2 Part-time, Unpaid

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Newly formed small business in the market of creating all natural hand-made products for sales, workshops, and retreats for both profit and non-profit ventures. Both ventures include retail/wholesale sales and demonstrations in store-fronts, religious organizations, community centers, and online; also, providing health workshops (yoga, meditation, juicing, product making) and retreats (spas, cruises, beach resorts, etc.) for both profit and non-profit clients.


- Learn and assist founder in all aspects of developing and promoting small profit and non-profit business in the natural health & beauty, and human services industries
- Provide research and develop workshop material on natural ingredients used in company's products
- Teach workshops to youth and families depending on the particular theme (soap making, juicing, candle making, etc.)
- Create, organize, and assist with natural health retreats and meet-up groups
- Utilize own income potential in sales commissions of Natural Health Products created by company.
- May sometimes assist in making hand-made natural health products for sales and workshops.
- Promote and sell natural health products through demonstrations, workshops, etc.


- Interest and understanding in natural health & alternative medicine
- Interested in human services and working with youth and families in urban low-income communities as well as other high income demographics
- Ability to understand tolerance and be able to effectively be a role model for a diversity of individuals with different religious, cultural, and economical backgrounds.
- Ability to learn, understand, and teach Natural Health, Hand-Made, & Home Remedies in workshops to children and families of all economical backgrounds
- Ability to build positive working relationships with other agencies effectively representing the Natural Health idea without insult or confusion
- Ability to work in a virtual environment through social media for daily &/or weekly meeting updates, as well as be available for "at location" responsibilities, when required.
- Ability to generate business income through product sales and workshops with commission opportunities
- Ability to pass COMPLETE BACKGROUND & REFERENCES CHECK in order to work with children.

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