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Interested in anti-genocide activism? Passionate about educating global youth on the Holocaust and contemporary genocide? Want to contribute to a movement helping to build the first set of preschools for Darfuri refugee children?

Triangles of Truth (ToT) is an international movement of students who honor and remember Holocaust victims by working to end present-day genocide. Our mission is twofold: (i) to educate citizens from all walks of life in the history and lessons of genocide and (ii) to guide them as they run their own community-based fundraising campaigns to help meet the immediate humanitarian needs of current genocide refugees.

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Our team is looking for 2-3 college students with excellent communication and research skills to help us with fundraising and development. Qualified interns can start immediately with research into potential partners/supporters: human rights NGO's, foundations, philanthropists.

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More on ToT:

To date, close to sixty schools and groups across six continents have participated, realizing their powerful ability to impact the lives of others, raising almost $70,000 for anti-genocide civilian protection and advocacy projects. Since May 2011, Triangles of Truth has worked with i-ACT and the United Nations Refugee Agency on the Little Ripples project, the first preschool program for Darfuri refugee children in Eastern Chad. Collectively, we have channeled our proceeds to sponsor geometry kits, writing utensils and other necessary supplies. Starting in 2012, all proceeds from ToT campaigns worldwide have been forwarded to support the construction and sustainability of one classroom in the first set of six Little Ripples.


-Researching potential partners in the human rights and social entrepreneurship fields;
-Reviewing and gathering materials for grant applications;
-Identifying foundations/philanthropists for cooperation with ToT aims;
-Developing strategic vision for fundraising and educational campaigns in participating schools.


Studying toward BA in relevant field, strong interest in anti-genocide activism and education.

Required: excellent communication skills, passion and imagination.

Let's make something happen to this world.

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