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Spend a semester or two living in rural Ghana; study the community and infrastructures, and explore the country and culture through field trips and a community development project. Nka Foundation provides a unique educational opportunity for college students and educators in the developed countries to immerse in a different culture and learn-by-doing on projects with local community members involving learning, research, or building stuff in service and explorative understanding of a social issue faced by the community. Our internships and service learning programs are on site in Abetenim village, located 40 km Southeast of Kumasi in the Ashanti Region. The Abetenim traditional area provides an ideal campus for students to immerse in the Ashanti culture and learn-by-doing to inspire decent housing, to enrich k-12 education, to alleviate health or to research a local condition that perpetuates abject poverty and look for remedies.

The program invites the students and their teachers to bring their gifts to the question: How do you engage people who are culturally different? How do we create permanent long-term change in light of the conditions that perpetuate poverty in rural Ghana? One way to begin is to see the people as a people to be known. And keep in mind that community participatory questions are the key to the local door: What can we do to work with you on this...? And why? Thereby, they bring their gifts to the question and we bring ours to the question. Empowering them to be successful in leveraging the abundant local resources for community development may entail training and counseling in mutual respect and trust.

Join us! Cultural orientation is throughout the project stay. The participant is expected to attend some of the rural social events such as weddings, funerals, and festivals, as a part of the cultural orientation. Over the weekend participant can also explore the nearby cultural sites such as Bomwire Kente Village, Ntonso Cloth Printing Village, Ahwia Carving Centre, Bobiri Forest Reserve/ Butterfly Sanctuary, and the cultural centres of the historic city of Kumasi that bring cultural tourism to the region. Or, you can spend the period collaborating with indigenous musicians, weavers, storytellers, or contemporary practitioners, as an academic coursework or real-world education. In the process, the student will be challenged to put to the test, what was learned on the books to make a well-rounded graduate.

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PROJECT AREAS: Teaching at local school, water and sanitation, school construction works, agriculture/farming solutions, computer literacy, sports coaching, job skills training of youths and women empowerment. If you are an arts practitioner or have an interest in arts & design, you can volunteer to engage the school children or the entire community in theatre/drama production, storytelling, music, dance, puppetry, or painting a mural.


DATES: Year-round and lengths-of-stay from 1-6 months.
WHERE: Abetenim village, 40 kilometers from Kumasi in Ashanti Region; and Sang Township, 50 kilometers from Tamale in Northern Region of Ghana.
CONDITIONS OF PARTICIPATION: No application fee or registration fee required. Accommodation will be in an arts village setting or homestay for deeper cultural immersion. The participant is expected to keep a process journal involving process notes, sketches, photographs, or video to generate a DVD about the project, or another creative means to disseminate the experience. International participant will be responsible for own airfare and subsistence We suggest that participants apply for travel grants through their school, or other sources to cover costs of their airfare, food and project.
CONTACT: for application form.
POSTAL ADDRESS: Nka Foundation, Box Up 1115, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), Kumasi, Ghana.


Social skills and enthusiasm to face the many challenges and possibilities that you will encounter. CONTACT: /

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