The Leadership Development Internship Program

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The Leadership Development Internship Program at the Middle East Institute is designed to provide students or recent graduates considering a career in a Middle East related field with hands-on experience in a Washington-based, nonprofit organization that focuses exclusively on the Middle East. Interns obtain guidance, experience, and exposure to the Washington policy and scholarly community while developing professional skills with interns from all over the world.

All internships are unpaid, though the Middle East Institute offers each intern one free language class, a one-year membership to the Middle East JournaI, and reimbursement for local travel expenses.


Available internships include: The Center for Turkish Studies, Development, Languages, Library, Programs and Communications, Publications, Sultan Qaboos Cultural Center, and Research Assistantships.


Internships are available throughout the year to undergraduates who have completed at least one year of school, recent graduates, and graduate students. Positions are available on a full- or part-time basis with a minimum of 20 hours a week.

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