Unscripted Development Intern

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The interns working for the original non scripted development team will be responsible for a variety of duties. We want one body devoted full-time to casting outreach and research, which will involve researching different "worlds" that could serve as the basis for reality shows, reaching out to potential talent, and interviewing candidates over the phone and potentially on recorded skype calls. The other body will also be involved in research and outreach, but will also be expected to help out on a variety of tasks, such as PA-ing on shoots, transcribing interviews, making copies of presentations / sizzle reels,


The candidates will get a valuable hands-on look into what it takes to research and cast talent for reality shows. They will also get experience serving as a PA on small shoots, and by working under development associates and executives in our department, will get a taste for what it takes to cast, develop and pitch non-scripted shows.


This is an unpaid internship, for academic credit only. Proof of credit is required for consideration.

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