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Shotrox Webdesign is looking for interns for an exciting startup with massive potential for growth.
Imagine Facebook would have looked for interns when it had 4 users...

Internship positions can grow rapidly into paid positions and interns can become partners depending on their skill sets and expertise and motivation.

Project base is Oxnard. CA and this internship requires to be present in person at least once a week. A lot of work can be done remotely but it is crucial to attend specific meetings and briefings.

This is an amazing opportunity for the right person and can shape this person's future!


Supporting the coding of project.

Biz Dev:
Managing business affairs.
Develop a plan to grow the business.


We are looking for several different positions.

Either in the coding department or the biz development part.

Coding Department:
Applicants must have strong skills in HTML, CSS, PHP, Jquery, MySQL, knowledge in concrete5 is helpful!

Biz Development:
Applicants must have strong skills in Buisness Admin, Excel, Word, English, basic skills in photo editing and other design related software would be great!

How To Apply

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