BB&CD Website Design and Development Interns

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Company Location: Provo, UT
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: Part-time, Unpaid (College Credit Required)

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Our innovative non-profit organization has implemented an internship program to provide motivated students an opportunity for getting their feet wet in a "virtual" workplace. We give students this chance to prepare for a career by gaining valuable "virtual" experience along with having an opportunity to develop critical Internet or "virtual" skills that can be used in the types of businesses that we build.

Interns interact with our directors and other teammates through real hands-on projects – they don't file, answer the phone, or make coffee. Our interns help us with web development, networking, marketing, and fundraising campaigns; they also help to further our cause of assisting small businesses to create new products and services, which generate new jobs and aid our economy.

Web-design and development interns will be given the opportunity to design the concept of and code the organization's landing pages, website, social media profiles, and/or mobile apps. We encourage interns to be creative and we provide the artistic freedom to experiment with web pages or other applications for practicing code and for building up a professional portfolio. Highly successful web and/or landing pages may be used in our organization's live marketing and fundraising campaigns. Innovative projects may also be posted on our online forum or social media networks for others to learn from and discuss.


Interns pick and choose the types of projects they would like to work on in order to develop their skills. Some of the website design and development projects could include responsibilities such as:

1) Design and create static or animated graphics for online use;

2) Design and code interactive website pages using CSS, HTML, Javascript, etc;

3) Create, design, and code mobile-phone or social-media applications;

4) Test/trouble-shoot websites and applications before "going live";

5) Manage any website/application updates or changes as necessary.

Web-development interns are encouraged to use all of their available resources to create compelling website and landing pages. All are encouraged to experiment artistically by using a variety of design elements and applying what has already been learned in school or online.


Internships typically last one college term or semester. Joining our virtual team requires a commitment of two (2) 4-hour shifts per week. During your internship, you'll experience what it's like working in a genuine virtual environment, and also work with highly experienced colleagues in your major. Interns are given the opportunity to be creative, and they are encouraged to be actively involved with our live campaigns, while using the latest online strategies and Internet technology.

Interns must be majoring in any graphic design or web development related field and have excellent online and email communication skills. A reliable desk or laptop computer are necessary to carry out the functions of the web-development assignments.

Web-development interns will need to furnish their own software in order to complete successful web design, coding, and development projects. Interns must have a desktop or laptop with Adobe Creative Suite (Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Illustrator, and Flash) software already installed. Adobe provides a relatively affordable "student" version of their Creative Suite software, which includes ALL of the necessary features that the "professional" version offers.

Reliable Internet access is a must. Interns should already have or be willing to create free Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Google Plus, and Skype accounts. Some form of reliable transportation will be required if visiting local businesses/organizations and meeting people on-site.

Interns must be a student at a college/university in the United States.

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