Childcare assistant

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928 East 215th street.
Bronx, NY
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 3 Full-time, Paid (College Credit Required)

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This position is for students seeking experience in Early Childhood Development, Child Psychology or related to children development field. This position will challenge you because its much more involving than McDonalds, way more interpersonal than a paralegal assistant and requires you to give more of yourself to every situation in our daily routine. Childcare is not a job for the weak hearted, nor is it a job that is predictable. Everyday is never like the other, there are hard times and for some it’s very trying to understand children, but children can see you coming 100 miles away. They quickly gain perspective of your character within minutes of meeting you. They can tell if you’re a push over, a leader or a follower… Their smarter than you think but still they need proper care to shape them into extraordinary individuals. This is who we create at The Nest Music Daycare children who can take care of themselves but are humble enough to know they need their parents… This is the truth we stand behind… A Great Individual…


The Nest Music Daycare is a facility that prides itself on academics and ethical stimulation to open up a child's cognitive skills. These children are counting on us to show them how to live. So many people have been shown how to live the wrong way. Let's make a difference. Check us out:


You must be able to work with children ages 6 weeks to 12 years old. You must be able to clean and handle diapers at times. You must be able to serve food and sometimes cook. You must be able to love children and/or develop strong bonds with children. You must be able to have love for a child that is not your own. You must be able to work well with others and can solve conflicts without the use of violence or derogatory words. You must be able to nurture and show children respect. You must be able to deal with each child equally without favoritism. You must be able to show Love. He who holds the hand of my child holds my heart. And because these children are so precious we must deal with them accordingly.

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