Donor Recruit Intern

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Donor Recruit Intern will search for donors from then invite them to donate through the link below

You will work while staying in your country or at the project site. You need a computer and internet to do this work or meet donors and talk to them.
Challenges facing children need urgent solution!!

The Daos Children Centre is a non-profit transitional care Centre in Kenya, is aimed at
- homelessness
- hunger
- malnutrition diseases and related deaths
- illiteracy
- bereavement
- diseases and related deaths
- emotional and psychological issues in orphans, refugees from Somalia, abandoned and children in extreme poverty, and infants.

Retaining Children in School by building 8 classrooms.
The children face a variety of challenges throughout their daily lives.

Theses challenges include:
- breathing complications from the working environments caused by dusty floors
- deep wounds and injuries caused by sharp walls
- studying in classrooms that are over-populated caused by lack of enough classrooms

The negative results of working in poorer conditions include:
-low class performances and school drop outs in large numbers
-children having to repeat school years
- early marriages and prostitution
- children working and living on the streets
- drug abuse and social crimes
- poor health conditions such as irritable skin

Solution to these difficult problems include:
-Building 8 spacious and clean classrooms

We would love to hear from you if you are able to help in anyway possible with time or advice.


Donor Recruit Intern
Main activities
-search donors from internet or meet them in person
-contact donors through emails or in person
-invite donors to donate through


Anybody located in any country can apply

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