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The Daos Children Centre is a non-profit transitional care Centre aimed at
- homelessness
- hunger
- malnutrition diseases and related deaths
- illiteracy
- bereavement
- diseases and related deaths
- emotional and psychological issues in orphans, refugees from Somalia, abandoned and children in extreme poverty, and infants.
The mission of the Daos Children Centre is to provide for the immediate and long term care of Kenya’s abandoned orphans in the Mombasa region by providing a safe and loving home environment in which children may grow and prosper. When possible, we seek to reunify children with family members and provide these families with transitional support services.
• To prevent the exploitation of orphaned girls who are forced at an early age into marriage and the commercial sex industry in large numbers to earn money as prostitutes.
• To provide each child with a basic family unit where he or she will be nurtured, supported, and loved.
• To promote education and literacy so that each child might secure a brighter future
• To reduce early child labor.
• To reduce childhood drug addictions.
• To improve nutrition by providing regular meals
• To provide adequate medical care to our children so that they may grow healthy minds and bodies.
• To serve children by training and developing our staff with the best practices in educational and residential services.
• To maintain a highly transparent financial accountability to our supporters and government regulators.

The children in Daos face a variety of challenges throughout their daily lives. These include medical problems like diseases affecting the eyes and skin, severe wounds from manual labor, breathing complications from the working environments, and malnutrition that results in a high death rate.

Alongside the health problems, the children are studying in classrooms that are over-populated and in poor condition which results in low class performances and high school drop outs. For example, some of the classrooms are in such as bad state that they have sharp walls, dusty floors, no food for the children, and lack of stable workers and teachers.

These conditions have impacts upon a multiple social factors which include: children having to repeat school years; early marriages and prostitution; children labor and living on the streets; drug abuse and social crimes; poor health conditions such as irritable skin, deep wounds and injuries that worsen when not treated, and complications with walking long distances.
Solutions to these difficult problems include:
-Building spacious and clean classrooms
-Providing a balanced diet during school hours and girls sanitary materials
-Constructing dormitories, a kitchen, and a security wall
-Employing more permanent workers
-Providing supplies and uniforms for the school children
-Inviting volunteers,interns,charity groups and travelers
to assist in achieving these solutions.


The intern/volunteer will help with
-writing proposals to NGOs,agencies,individuals etc
-fund raise on ground or online
work with the manage through email or verbally



Qualifications to be a volunteer/intern at the Daos Children Centre include:

- have an interest in, love of and passion to help children
- friendly attitude towards children
-willing to help fund raise on ground or online


How To Apply

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