Refugee and Immigrant Child Educator or Assistant

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Company Description:

Hands Across the World is a non-profit local organization here in St. Cloud, MN which works with new immigrants and refugees. We help adults and families adjust to American life and integrate them into the St. Cloud community. We teach English, basic math, sewing, job skills, and much more, as well as providing them with resources to succeed.

Internship Description:

Hands Across the World is seeking leaders or assistants to help the child care care / child education center for children who are too young to attend elementary school.

Our goal is to give the children the love and attention they need while we help them learn English and adjust to life in St. Cloud through activities and games. Parents are considered the primary caregivers, and will be responsible for changing diapers.

If you have worked or plan to work in education or social services, if you enjoy working with children or if you're interested in other cultures, this is a great opportunity for you to help others while learning more about them.

For more information, please apply or Email Volunteer Coordinator Molly at Our website is


You can either assist in the classroom or lead the classroom. There are typically 1 - 7 children at the Children Education Center a day. There is usually two or more people in the Children's room at a time.


You must have previous experience working with children. It is even better if you are going to school for education, early childhood development, or other related fields of studies.

You must pass a background check.

You must commit to working at least one day a week. You must be responsible and a good role model for children of diverse cultures, nationalities, and ethnicity.

For an internship, you will need to go through your school. You can also do this as a volunteer, service learning, or work study opportunity.

You need to be patient, kind, loving and open minded.

For more information, please apply or Email Volunteer Coordinator Molly at Our website is

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