Sustainable Design Education Researcher

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Summer Rayne Oakes, LLC
Company Location: New York, NY
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 3 Part-time, Unpaid

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This is an internship that focuses on strengthening information on sustainability education in the college classroom as it relates to fashion, design, apparel, and textile classes. This internships is RESULTS-ORIENTED and even though we are based in New York, the internship can be done from anywhere in the world.

You will be primarily conducting both qualitative and quantitative research among students, alumni and professors, which may sound much more tedious than it really is. Your research will give us a comprehensive survey across many different design schools about what they teach, if they teach sustainability, why and why not, anything they can improve on with their sustainability curriculum, what resources they use, etc.

The goal of the research is to eventually create products that can:

1. Bring together fragmented data and information on sustainability in design and present it in one comprehensive, cohesive, compelling way,
2. Better equip professors with material needed to create successful sustainable design curriculum in the classroom
3. Make students more competitive in the job market by teach real life needs and requirements in the field of sustainable design
4. Improve and enhance current curriculum by providing current case studies, real life problem solving, interviews with leading thinkers, as well as deeper and broader information on sustainability and sustainable design thought.
5. Provide critical thinking in students beyond the classroom setting, and
6. Serve as an opportunity for anyone to learn about sustainable design without ever having taken a class in school.

Again, this internship can be conducted from anywhere, and we will connect with you directly via Skype or otherwise, so don't feel shy in applying wherever you are.


Responsibilities include:
- Conducting both qualitative and quantitative research among students, alumni and professors.

- Gathering data in various other design schools.

- Review of sustainable design news and books.

- Use of social media to engage others.


This internship requires that you have been taken at least one apparel, design, textile or clothing course and that you have a distinct interest in sustainability as it relates to your coursework. You must also have experience communicating to people effectively via Skype and email. Since you will be administering surveys and asking people direct questions, you cannot be shy. Organization is a must! Ability to use Google Docs, Microsoft Word, and Excel is basic. Great writing skills is preferred.

We will be using Asana as a task management software, so you should familiarize yourself with it.

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