Teach Kindness!

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Hopalong Animal Rescue is a 501c3 nonprofit located in Oakland, California. Although primarily an animal rescue (dogs and cats), we also have a humane education program. We believe that teaching youth about responsibility, compassion and kindness goes a long way. Through our Humane Education program, we aim to teach Bay Area children of all ages about pet ownership and kindness towards each other, animals and the earth.

Join us this summer or fall as we continue to roll out our program. Help us with:

*Designing lesson plans and curriculum
*Reaching out to schools
*Teaching classes
*Advertising the program
*Building other programs- afterschool, libraries, adult education

This is a great way to get teaching experience for your resume! Alternately, if you have teaching experience and would like to share it with an animal rescue, you'll be helping out immensely.

We can structure this internship in many ways, including for college credit.


As we are a very small staff, interns must be able to work independently.

Although no experience with animals or animal welfare is required, a background in education is strongly preferred. An interest in animals will make this experience much more rewarding.

How To Apply

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