Teaching opportuniti for ''Children education program for communities sustainability'- Kenya agenda.

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Teaching opportunity for Children education and health programs for communities sustainability in a developing country-Kenya agenda is ''onsite'' or ''offsite'' positon.

Eligible people:











-religious groups/missions


Anybody can apply from anywhere.

Subjects to be taught

For English speakers will teach the following subjects

-English grammar

-English composition writing



-Social Studies (geography, history and civics/government)

-Christian Religious Education

-Islamic Religious Education

-Reading Enlish words

-Writing in English

-Speakng in English/English sentense structure

-Spelling and spelling game


For Swahili speakers will teach the following subjects

-swahili lugha

-Swahili insha


The children's age range is between 2 to 13 years, both boys and girls.Total number of children is 560.

How to apply.

Request an application form from our representating below

Jonathan Munyany

Email: daoscc2008@gmail.com

Also,feel free to ask if you need more details or have concerns.


Offsite position, you teach through Skype or chat room while in your country.Onsite position, you teach while at the project site,Kenya in Africa

Onsite and Offsite positions

1.Onsite position

Activities involved.

-teaching in classroom

-marking exercises

-giving home works

-guiding or encouraging learners

You will be provided with necessary curriculum books on arrival.

2.Offsite position

Activities involved.

-helping with home works and explaining answering methods through Skype or chat room

-show learners online learning resources

-promote online learning

We shall discuss about time,approach and level of learner's English.



- have an interest in, love of and passion to teach

-willing to speak simple English

-English language is a reqiurement (simple)

- happy to learn and acquire more skills

-friendly and social nature is good

Duration:Choose you preferred start and end date.

How To Apply

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