Paid Internship in China

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Paid Internship in China--English tutor in China

If you've always wanted to travel to China and get work experience in a dynamic country, then the English tutor in China program is a great opportunity for you. This internship program will give you a opportunity to immerse yourself in Chinese culture as well as improve your knowledge of China, all the while earning money and getting work experience.

Program Benefit

The English tutor program is a cultural exchange program. It is a great opportunity to visit China and to learn Chinese language and culture. As a tutor you will have a wonderful time living and travelling in China. In addition, this program will provide you with valuable work experience that will help bolster your resume.

Compensation and benefits for the program are as follows:

• Free room and board
• You will earn a monthly stipend of RMB 1,200 Yuan
• You will earn an airfare subsidy of RMB 1,000 Yuan per month
• International health and accident insurance covering you from the time you leave your country until you return home
• At least four hours of Chinese classes per week
• Full assistance with visa application and extension in China
• Free pick up at the airport
• Counselors will assist you throughout your stay
• Various cultural activities organized by the sponsoring agency

Participating in the English tutor program will provide many additional benefits such as:
• Making international friends
• Live as a family member with a Chinese host family; enjoy an authentic experience in China
• Enjoy authentic Chinese food
• Improve your Chinese, which will expand your job opportunities when you return home
• Gain maturity and confidence

Working Hours and Off Days

Tutors will work no more than eight hours per day, up to a maximum of thirty hours per week. In addition, the tutor is entitled to no less than one and a half personal days per week, including at least one full weekend per month. Finally, the tutor is entitled to three days paid holiday every three months, and seven days for every six months.


Each participant is obligated to attend a mandatory orientation upon arrival in China. Several subjects are covered during the orientation, but the main topics are:
• General information about the China, such as living conditions, life styles, cultural similarities & differences
• General information about the host company and region or city
• Performance and behavior expectations of the host company
• Responsibilities as an English tutor


What Do English Tutor Do?

Education is a great concern for most Chinese parents, and learning English is considered to be a very important task for young students. However, it is challenging for students to truly grasp the language from schoolwork since there are limited opportunities to actually use English in everyday life. Across the Seas help match fluent native English speakers with families in China who wants to build an English speaking environment for their children. As an English tutor, your primary responsibilities are as follows:
• Teach English : Help the host family's child learn English. Focus is on conversation fluency, pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary building. You may have to build your own curriculum
• Homework assistance: You may have formal school work to assist with
• Culture exchange : Share American culture with host family while learn Chinese culture from them


Program Eligibility

• To be eligible for this program, you'll need to meet the following requirements:
• College degree or above (or current in college)
• Has teaching experience
• No major health problems
• Clear criminal record
• Open to learning a new culture and language

Admission fee: None


Required - American English

How To Apply

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