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The Good Samaritan Society
2236 Marshall Ave.
Saint Paul, MN
Posted: September 06 2015
Application Deadline: No Deadline
Position: 3 Full-time, Paid

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Prepare to explore the educational issues facing one of West Africa’s most populous countries.

Teaching abroad in Nigeria will introduce you to both Nigerian society and such issues as education, politics, social entrepreneurship, development, and globalization from a West African perspective. Through both formal and informal opportunities for engagement with Nigerian students, NGOs, schools, and businesses, you will gain valuable insight into the challenges facing various communities in Nigeria and the opportunities being created by the Good Samaritan Society to overcome them.

Bethel American International School (BAIS) provides a classical education which emphasizes academic excellence in the liberal arts and S.T.E.M., by graduating highly educated young men and women who are well-rounded, thoughtful, articulate and character driven individuals ready to make an impact in society.
At Bethel American International School we are concerned about the position of Nigeria in the world today. We understand and expect that we are training leaders who will dramatically impact Nigeria and the world beyond. We use the classical in conjunction with other methods to teach students to think critically and learn to be effective leaders is all endeavors.

About Teaching in Nigeria

Nigeria may be one of the most underestimated countries in Africa. It’s culturally rich, geographically diverse and filled with unique wildlife. Remote towns cling to age-old customs; modern cities thrive with commercial activity and in between are national parks, sacred forests and animal reserves screaming out to be explored.

We are looking for Middle School and High School teachers (particularly English and Science) for the 2015-2016 school year and beyond for our campus in Fiditi, Nigeria.

We want dynamic, motivated, and intelligent teachers who:
*Believe that with the right group of people, every student can succeed
*Demonstrates strong content knowledge
*Plans lessons with clear learning objectives and a process for assessing whether those objectives have been met
*Have demonstrated success in modifying instruction to the needs of diverse learners
*Have strong organizational and communication skills

What do we offer?
*Financial Stipend of $1,500- $2,000 per semester based on experience
*Round-Trip Airfare & Accommodations
*Experience a combination of work, site visits, community engagement opportunities, and excursions to get a better understanding of the intersection of traditional culture and modern development in Nigeria
*Develop basic communication skills in Yoruba, one of the three major native language of Nigeria
*Immerse yourself in Nigerian history and culture through visits to inspiring landmarks, activities with the locals, and a rural and urban home-stay
*See the influence of your position as you work to develop and shape the students, policy and curriculum of BAIS.


It is expected that participants are able to: (1) understand the classroom assessment context in light of, the mission of BAIS, public accountability, and the need for multiple forms of assessment; (2) explore guiding principles for classroom assessment and the types of assessment; (3) develop assessment methods including paper-and-pencil tests, performance assessments, and portfolios that are aligned with student achievement goals; and (4) create effective methods for communicating about student learning.

The first few weeks in country will be used to acclimate participants to the physical and social environment of the area. In terms of the academic environment that the participant will be working, acclimation will include general observation and analysis in which the participant will take notes and compare their findings to the initial research that was done prior to the programs commencement.

Throughout the experience participants will work on practical concepts of secondary level curriculum that need to be applied to BAIS , this encompasses issues and factors that affect BAIS’s current curriculum development process, curriculum and related divisions of the human learning system, innovative programs of the present, and educated projections of future trends.

Participants are expected to complete either a field-based project or an integrative paper that can be used by BAIS. The participant’s choice should reflect an option that is compatible with his or her academic and personal needs, resources and learning style. Examples of the integrative project include a new course of study, a new unit for a course, a management plan, an educational restructuring design or a modification of existing procedures, plus a paper integrating the former courses in their program of study as they relate to the field-based project. Integrative paper is a formal paper on a specific educational issue that is of interest or concern to the participant and BAIS, an issue that a student analyzes in light of the knowledge base generated through the various courses the student has taken and experiences from the internship program, and the professional insights that the student has developed accordingly.

In addition to normal duties, participants are asked to maintain a log of issues and challenges (academic and or personal) associated with their experience. The last few weeks will focus on the same topics worked on throughout the entire program with an emphasis on thinking about curriculum and assignment-making for students in the classroom.


The following items are a plus, but not required:

*Be experienced with superior field tested programs and methods such as Direct Instruction, Success for All, Structured Cooperative Learning, Core Knowledge, Expeditionary Learning, the Morningside Generative Model of Instruction, and possess applicable knowledge in Instructional Design and highly interactive or innovative instructional methods requiring active responses.


Required - English, Teaching Experience
Preferred - Teaching English as a Second Language, English Composition

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