Hardware Development Assistant/Researcher/Greentech Business Internship

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We are a small company called Simply Grid. We install repurposed EV chargers in order to provide mobile food vendors with access to the existing electrical grid.

Vendors need electricity to power their stoves and fridges and vendors are typically forced to use expensive, noisy, and inconvenient gasoline generators. The chargers are about the size of a parking meter. See our recent press:


And our website: www.simplygrid.com

We develop and build a custom hardware/software package for metering and controlling the electricity use. We also sell this package to third parties who have similar logistical needs(RV parks, marinas).

We are looking for an intern to help with hardware development, general research(relating to hardware and otherwise), possibly grant applications, possibly other things. The nature of the work that we will be delegating to you will be based on your skills and how much you can handle. We are offering payment based on milestones and a full time, salaried position should things go well. We are looking for someone who can efficiently accomplish tasks on their own. We are not looking for someone who needs their hand held.


Your duties may include:

Building, maintaining, and testing a hardware setup in your home under the direction of our Canadian engineers.

Maintaining and testing our Union Square setup (if you're trustworthy).

Researching hardware components/prices.

Grant research/application.

Anything else that might come up. ie, billing vendors, talking to prospective food truck lot owners on the phone, haggling with the city, helping with slide presentations.


You must live in NYC.
You must be willing to work ~10 hours per week.

Knowledge of electronics a big plus.
Knowledge of software idioms a big plus.

Knowledge of food truck industry a plus.
Experience with grants a plus.
Lots of free time a plus.
Lives in Manhattan a plus.

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