Hardware Development Engineer

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Hi Simply Grid is looking for one or two electrical engineering interns. This is a paid internship and could easily turn into full time work.

Simply Grid is a start up.


And our website: www.simplygrid.com

We develop and build a custom hardware/software package for metering and controlling the electricity use. We also sell this package to third parties who have similar logistical needs(RV parks, marinas).

We are looking for someone who can efficiently accomplish tasks on their own. We are not looking for someone who needs their hand held.


Your duties may include:

Working with our other engineers or alone on improvements or new versions/applications of our hardware/software platform


You must live in NYC.
You must be willing to work minimum ~10-20 hours per week.

Embedded electronics, linux, m2m communications... all of these should be familiar words to you.

How To Apply

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