Business Development Intern

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Company Location: Miami, FL
Application Deadline: September 30, 2014
Position: Part-time, Unpaid (College Credit Required)
Timeframe: 10/01/14 — 04/01/15 (Flexible)

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“I Am Free is dedicated to providing detailed service to all Veteran patrons and cleaning the confusion in our community. Eliminating Transitional Stress for our American Heroes and their families. With hundreds and thousands of resources for military family scattered in so many different directions without credible resource guide. I AM Free is eliminating transitional stress for our American Heroes and their families while providing purpose, direction, motivation and faith that there will be victory in the obstacle of transitioning. "

I AM Free is a faith based profit business that provides information from a range of credible resources that include non-profit organizations, profit, and federal programs that assist veterans, service members, and there family. Websites that are highly recommended by military personnel and their families. Bridging the gap by giving resource options for federal assistance; non-profit and private corporations catered to the needs of veterans. There are many privately funded organizations that cater to the needs of the military. Also giving patrons credible sources for alternatives organizations for what is there best option if they don’t qualify for federal assistance or opt in using federal resources; letting them know of all available avenues. Also the VA website provides links to navigate to the forwarding website. This company will provide live mentors and tutorials to navigate through studied and practiced methods to solving the direction in what steps to take to accomplish the goal. I AM Free does the research and leg work to ensure the customer has minimal problems to solve. This company strives to take the burden off the patron in finding resources. The target audience is military veterans, military service members transitioning to veteran status


- Provide research on potential and existing clients and the competitive landscape
- Managing and following up on digital marketing campaigns
- Assist in identifying potential business opportunities
- Monitor news and developments relating to, or impacting, key clients/prospects
- Prepare periodic reports on screening, tracking, and monitoring clients and prospects


- Ability to work in a fast-paced environment and collaborate effectively as a team member
- Ability to communicate at all levels with internal/external clients by phone, email and face to face
- Proficiency in Microsoft Office (e.g. Word, Excel, and Power Point)
- A positive attitude with good organizational, presentation and writing skills
- Pursuing a Bachelors Degree or equivalent education

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