Engineering Intern

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Under general supervision of the Lead Engineer, the Engineering Intern will assist the Production Department by assuring they are able to accomplish their tasks. The Intern’s secondary responsibility is to assist the Engineering Department with critical tasks.

PLEASE NOTE: This position is continuously accepting applicants. It has no set end date or close date. We contact applicants based on their experience, and potential ability to further Waterfi's engineering efforts.


1. Production Department Assistance
Maintains inventory levels of manufacturing tools and equipment.
Assists the Production Department as the need arises.
Assists in waterproofing production as demand dictates.
2. Engineering Department Assistance
Help design and machine new components using CAD/CAM software, hand tools, and/or CNC machinery.
Perform hands-on tasks like drilling, cutting, and building with wood, plastic and metal.
Conduct tests, when assigned, and document them using the scientific method, preparing test outlines and short reports.
Research product & process development ideas as needed
Keep task management software updated and organized
Keep desk and engineering workspace clean and organized
3. Workplace Safety and Cleanliness
Maintain all workplace safety standards while performing daily job duties.
Wear all proper personal protective equipment while on the job, including gloves, safety glasses, aprons, etc.
Maintain a clean working environment at all times. Work spaces should be cleared of all trash and debris throughout the day, to maintain safe and efficient working conditions.


1. Knowledge, Skills, & Abilities
Experience with carpentry, power tools, and other related machinery preferred.
Experience with CAD/CAM software preferred
Ability to apply the scientific method to developing tests and experiments
Some knowledge of Chemistry, specifically plastics, rubbers, and molds.
Good communication skills, attention to detail, and organization required.
Ability to learn quickly and pick up new processes and techniques.
Excellent problem solving skills required.
2. Minimum Education Required
Minimum two years completed toward a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical, Aerospace, Systems, Chemical or Industrial Engineering required.
3. Physical Requirements
Must be able to stand for long periods of time.

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