Mechanical / Electrical / HVAC Engineering [Alt. Energy]

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125 Maiden Ln
Manhattan, NY
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 2 Part-time, Paid

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Hi Simply Grid is looking for one or two engineering interns. This is a paid internship and could easily turn into full time work.

Simply Grid is a start up. This is example of what we do:

And our website:

For that piece of our business we develop and build a custom hardware/software package for metering and controlling the electricity use. We also sell this package to third parties who have similar logistical needs(RV parks, marinas). However, we are branching out into building larger, more ambitious hardware. That's where you will join the team.

One project is ambulance anti-idling (working on this for the FDNY) and another is diesel refrigerated long haul truck anti-idling.

We are looking for serious engineers who can hit the ground running out of the gate and are prepared to contribute new ideas. We are not looking for someone who needs their hand held (in fact, we would prefer someone who will occasionally hold our hands and tell us everything is going to be OK).


Your duties may include:

Working with our other engineers or alone on improvements to existing hardware/software or solving completely new problems.


You must live in NYC (an exception might be made for Tennessee if you are HVAC focused).

You must be willing to work minimum ~10-20 hours per week (net after subtraction of facebook/reddit/youtube time).

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