Product Design

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This position will entail engineering for the design and modification of existing products and/or engineering in the research, design, and development of new products.


- Apply engineering principles to evaluate designs and determine critical components.
- Perform necessary engineering calculations to meet product specifications and ensure proper product function and reliability
- Review line, accessories, and application to ensure compatibility
- Determine best course of action to complete orders
- Prioritize workload to ensure timely delivery of parts and information. This includes utilizing other personnel to complete tasks in the most efficient manner.
- Knowledge of electrical systems as they pertain to Vortex (up to and including design of control panels)
- Understand standard drafting practices
- Familiarity with manufacturing processes and ability to apply them to the structure of bills of materials
- Communicate effectively orally and in writing; including interaction with the sales and manufacturing departments and development of technical documents (instruction manuals, technical bulletins, etc.)
- Provide assistance in the form of troubleshoots via communication and onsite visits.
- Possess ability to manage multiple product line from a technical perspective.


Mechanical engineering majors or equivalent. Past experience in a manufacturing environment is preferred. The candidate should be proficient in AutoCAD, SolidWorks and basic electrical knowledge. Good verbal communication skills, good problem solving ability, ability to interact with people and ability to complete assigned tasks with limited supervision.

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