Recording/Engineering studio equipment.

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Seeing Is Believing Recording Studio
1667 E.40th
Cleveland, OH
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: Part-time, Unpaid (College Credit Required)
Timeframe: ? — 07/26/12

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Seeking Uncommonly talented and creative Sound Engineer with some experience in setting up, and operating the electronic equipment used to record musicians. We are a closely nit small company and will be considering several people as soon as possible for this position.


-Set up the studio by positioning equipment.
-Make high quality sound recordings.
-Operate complex electronic equipment to reproduce music, dialogue, sound effects and other audio content.
-Work on mixing consoles to balance the sound from different sources, enhancing the recording using effects and processors.
-Work with musicians


- Knowledge of recording technology and music.
-Thorough understanding production and technical
-Strong up-to-date technical and operational knowledge of all the resources within sound engineering.
-Exceptional ability to hit deadlines.
-Profound ability to work well.
-Great passion and knowledge of music and sound
-Exceptional ability to differentiate and choose between sounds.
-Great ear for pitch, timing and rhythm.
-In-depth knowledge of electricity and electronics.
-Excellent communication skills

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