Mechanical Engineer - Exciting Opportunity - Winter Break-Contract Job

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Dove Watercraft!
1 Pennsylvania Ave.
Washington, DC
Posted: September 19 2016
Application Deadline: November 1, 2016
Position: Part-time, Paid
Timeframe: 12/19/16 — 01/13/17

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Dove Watercraft is a start-up company that has been in the making for 10 years. This company employs a corporate culture similar to those at say a Chick Fila or Hobby Lobby. Through much testing and much prayer God allowed me to move from an idea to proof of concept on a watercraft that allows a user to navigate water (self-propelled) for the first time in a unique fun comfortable manner never done before. As importantly the current engineering design has a simplistic, ergonomic, natural feel while also achieving on other key deliverables to give it the high likelihood of commercialization with broad acceptance among numerous demographics. However, the journey from where Dove Watercraft is today and where the company needs to go is still substantial. Below please see progress to date and future steps:

To date, I have completed all the below 4 important steps:

1. Proof of Concept demonstrated by Excellent Working Finished Prototype.
2. Provisional and Non-Provisional Patent Applications including foreign preliminary patent research (PCT) approved. US Patent will be issued anytime!
3. Formal Business Plan.
4. Building an outstanding team (preliminary moves made, ongoing work to be done)

The above 4 steps lay a foundation for the following 4 next moves:

1. Ongoing Market Research to understand primary customer/market, demanding what features and benefits, with what price elasticity.
2. Engineering and Design work to create a manufacturing blueprint and prototype for final watercraft configuration.
3. Secure Funding for initial launch.
4. Identify subcontractors to manufacture final product. Rent warehouse facility and hire remaining employees for assembly and shipping.

It is because of the need for point #2 that I post this.

Please note this posting is a rare opportunity to be apart of an organization that is at the very beginning of introducing an entirely new category of watercraft. These are exciting times, come join us.


I have some flexibility and various engineering opportunities. I was thinking maybe a junior / senior or grad student who could work in the DC / Baltimore area and handle a special project during your winter break, working 48 - 60 hours or so for about 4 weeks. This could be a 4 week winter break job. I will pay for housing for that month as well as a stipend before you go back to school. Also, we could do possibly do something virtual but that is not as ideal but could work with the right candidate. Also, we could pace out a job over 3 months of about 15 or 20 hours a month either in the Baltimore / Washington area or remotely. Let's discuss.

I would define the scope of the engineering work I still need done as what I have listed below, going from (current) working prototype to a prototype and design ready for manufacture:

Utilizing CAD software to put the entire watercraft in the computer.
Rigorous review and analysis of the current linkages/hardware and overall design to ensure that everything is optimized.
Focused review of all materials utilized to ensure safety and we have the right strength to weight balance.
3D Modeling and Testing with the computer.
Some hand calculations to test and ensure all computer calculations are accurate.
Close consideration of (DFMA) Design for Manufacture and Assembly techniques throughout the project.
Build a prototype with the new materials and design enhancements.


You need to have strong CAD skills and access to modern CAD software or we need to discuss working together to get renting or buying CAD software.

Please send a resume and cover letter outlining how your background and skill set could be a good fit for the opportunity provided here.

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