The Industry

Are you looking for entertainment internships or entry-level entertainment jobs? Can you picture yourself giving the performance of a lifetime, producing the next hit series, or discovering the next big star? Or perhaps you can imagine smiling at the sight of your name in the movie credits? Made up primarily of the TV, film, radio, and music industries, the entertainment world is exciting, creative, sometimes glamorous, and highly competitive.

The Internship

An entertainment internship will give you the chance to learn how the entertainment industry operates and build your professional network. You could intern for a big name company like Warner Brothers or CBS and see first-hand what it’s like to work in a major entertainment studio. Internship roles at these studios range from motion pictures to digital production, television, corporate function, program development, camera, makeup, and animation. Get the most out of your entertainment internship by attending networking events and mastering the tools of the trade and software such as Microsoft Office.

The Career Options

While there are hundreds of careers within the entertainment industry, getting your foot in the door takes planning, knowledge, and networking. Some of the more well-known entertainment roles include producer, director, talent recruiter, talent representative, and performer. You could also work in an assistant role or a related job that serves the entertainment industry such as account manager at a marketing and PR agency that serves directors and musicians.

The Outlook

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment in the entertainment field is projected to grow 6% over the next decade, which is as fast as average, though growth rate varies by field.

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