Celebrity Business Assistant Internship

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Females in Comedy Association
Posted: 725 days ago
Company Location: Inglewood, CA
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 4 Part-time, Unpaid

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Females in Comedy Association – Females in Comedy Convention (FICC) Internships available beginning January 2014.
FICC interns will learn event planning, sales and marketing from an ‘inside-out’ perspective, developing expertise necessary for a successful event management, entertainment sales and management career. Interns are selected on the basis of professional potential. This isn't a coffee-fetching, grunt work internship. We trust our interns to handle duties that require the utmost in responsibility, diligence and enthusiasm.
Females in Comedy Association would like to offer Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall Internships to College students & recent graduates who are majoring in Business, Advertising, Broadcast or related fields. While we do not have a paid internship program we will build a formalized College credit plan. We are looking for interns (for each time period) in our L.A. office and also interviewing for virtual positions as well.

Internship Rotation Start Date End Date Deadline for Resumes
Winter 2013 January 6,2014 April 30, 2014 Rolling
Spring 2014 March 17, 2014 May 13, 2014 Rolling
Summer 2014 June 2, 2014 August 21, 2014 Rolling


• Convention sales / marketing / management research and development
• Research projects such as going through databases and updating corporate sponsor info

• Convention preparation: contact potential sponsors, conduct walk through at venues, edit celebrity comic bios, website updates
• Call back convention attendees to answer any questions for their annual trip to L. A.


Criteria (To receive college credit all program criteria must be met):
• Current college student or recent college graduate in the last two years.
• Completion of weekly tasks log.
• Must complete 95% of designated hours.
Responsibility, judgment, organization, dependability, promptness, initiative, creativity, efficiency, and the ability to handle deadlines are key to the success of interns.

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