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Project Change The World is a mega movement revolving around the belief that we can all make a difference. Every act of kindness, no matter how big or small, matters. Sometimes, even the simplest of things, such as holding the door open for a stranger or smiling more, can have the biggest of impacts. So whether you donate money regularly to a charity that speaks to you or just help an elderly person cross the street, you are part of this movement that believes it's absolutely necessary to make a difference in a world full of needs. We won't tell you specifically how to make a positive change but we hope the movement inspires you. The important thing is that you do something, it doesn't matter what. Whether you enjoy working with children, helping animals, or cleaning up the earth, we're all in this together. This beautiful, crazy life is ours. As a result, we must unite together as the human race with one unbreakable purpose: "To carry one another, rather than destroy each other."

Intern will oversee the creative production aspects of Project Change The World (


Candidate will be required to do some or all of the following:
-record community service videos
-produce inspirational short films/video clips
-oversee music productions including selecting songs for video footage and securing music acts for events
-capturing photo footage at events
-creating digital work
-operating YouTube channel
-providing other entertainment for events and videos


Please submit a resume with a letter of recommendation.

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