Looking for a Savvy Wordpress & Social Media Guru :)

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JEM Enterprises
Posted: 693 days ago
Company Location: Lake Oswego, OR
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 2 Part-time, Unpaid

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Looking for a smart, hungry-to-learn person committed to growing, (being on time ;-), poss future $$$ and bonuses = although this is an UNPAID Internship on a regular basis, just so you know!

This can be an offsite gig - we would like to also have someone in the Portland area that is go to.

Find out how to become an Entrepreneur, learn online marketing with killer potential for just about any future endeavor.

My partner and I do a VAST range of Social Media, Public Relations, Entertainment, Personal Development work and need someone to help us do the filing, research, calls, organizing that we have just gotten too plain busy to do!

You should be organized, easy to work within a structure without a lot of direction after initial guidance.
You should be curious, eager to learn, comfortable on the phone with people, good people skills.

We need someone a couple of hours a week to start, we work from our House/Office in Lake Oswego.

We have Entertainment Industry ties, we have one project we are looking to create this year on stage and this will be part of your helping us make calls, create organization for this project. We are both actors, he has had a thriving tv/film career in LA and we could use help keeping us apprised of audition notices online and in LA.

We have Marketing Co we freelance work for others with, you may help with research and internet work for this.

We have two positions, one that may be more on the Marketing side assisting my partner.
One that will be more on the admin side but will also incl marketing.

In other words, we are an all around very versatile couple that could use extra hands and never have time enough to do it all!


Help us look on boards for weekly acting gigs.
Keeping up with Social Media Posts, Facebook and Twitter
Answering client emails sometimes with standard pre-formatted letters
Making phone calls to set appointments.
Type well (at least 50 wpm.
Able to look up internet research easily, and report on.
Some errands, some personal assisting help sometimes.
If you also, prove yourself - maybe future housesitting when we travel.
Some work can be done virtually!
Need a cell phone, preferably Iphone.
Prefer you have a Mac laptop.
Need reliable transportation. We are close enough to the PDX buslines to come from Downtown, fyi.


Must be able to type well.
Ideally be Mac hip.
Must know a good amount about Social Media, familiar with Facebook, Twitter, LInkedIn.
Must be an independent thinker.
Must be at least an average speller!
A good reader, sometimes it might involve reading screenplays for us.
Great if you are a writer, creative and looking for a PR or Marketing Career in the future!
ENORMOUS plus - if you are good at speaking to people, making them comfortable and sales. We have a great place we need filled in someone who can be an 'opener' for marketing leads, explain what the Co does and create meetings.
ENORMOUS plus - if you know SEO, Google Analytics, etc...!
Great if you would like to get paid for sales - we could do that in the future as you prove your skills.

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