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Whether working independently or for a booking agency, music booking agents coordinate many details related to musical performances. They might represent specific musical groups or performance venues.


A music booking agent working for a specific musical performer or group spends time searching for gigs and negotiates details, such as what time performances will take place and how much money performers will make, with the venue. Using e-mail and a phone, this professional maintains communication with many parties. He or she negotiates contracts, payment and other crucial information with managers and other agents working with a given musical act. Key traits are good communication skills and an ability to maintain contacts within the music industry. A music booking agent might be responsible for promoting a musical group before its scheduled performance.

According to booking agency websites in January 2012, additional responsibilities include providing quotes to clients and negotiating the final price of services covered. In addition to securing an artist's performance, music booking agents might handle the production of an event, including arranging for transportation, hotels, lighting and concert equipment. They often work with other companies, such as event planning services or large corporations. These same agencies might arrange artist interview requests or television appearances.


Rebirth4Love Management team might recruit a music booking agent to find and secure performances. A booking agent should be skilled at matching bands with appropriate venues and audiences, ultimately helping increase bands' exposure within the music industry. In some cases, a music booking agent will work closely with a band to help members strategize about reaching their career goals.

Alternately, a music booking agent might work for a performance venue or booking agency. Primary responsibilities include finding musical artists to perform at certain venues and negotiating details pertaining to those performances. Agents working at booking agencies respond to customer inquiries, usually pertaining to booking a musical artist for a private event.

While there is no standard educational background for this career, a background in sales and marketing can be helpful. Music management training is available through associate's, bachelor's and master's degree program

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