Office Assistants, Sales, and FCP Internships with new TV show and eCommerce venture

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Lives of Style
Company Location: Beverly Hills, CA
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 15 Part-time, Unpaid

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This could be your chance to break in to TV and eCommerce! We have immediate, part time openings for Office Assistants, Brand Ambassadors and Final Cut Pro Technicians for an exciting new Internet and broadcast TV venture -- prime time on major channels. This could turn into an exciting career for you. When the company is fully built out, it will have TV, Internet and mobile, print, and merchandise sales. The show covers fashion, style, and lifestyle, and there may be some related perks. Our plans are for national syndication of the show. Check out our website at

Office Assistants post events on social networking sites, manage email, develop contact info, do phone, calendaring, and similar tasks -- typical office stuff. We offer college and on-air credit for office assistant interns but it is unpaid for the first 90 days.

Brand ambassadors identify contacts at local and national level companies who are responsible for internet and TV advertising. You will be identifying people responsible for advertising at local luxury car dealers, hotels, spas, and jewelry store chains, as well as at national brands (eg. Tiffany, Cadillac, Coach) that sell style, fashion and lifestyle products and services. You can then sell Lives of Style ads for both the broadcast TV show and our website, or hand off the contact to someone else at Lives of Style. You should have a passion for selling. The brand ambassador position pays a commission on successful sales.

We also have unpaid technical positions that require a knowledge of FCP for scripting and logging of our large video library.

All positons can lead to a future paid full-time position.

All of these activities can be done from our location in Marin (northern California) or Beverly Hills (southern California) or from your home, but you will need to be able to get to our northern or southern California location about once a week for team meetings. The show has aired in SF and LA, and should be in NYC soon, and there may be some fashion and lifestyle related perks. Since you will be a representative of the company and in contact with important outsiders, you must be able to speak English well enough to be easily understood by a native speaker, and you must be able to compose messages with obvious grammatical errors.

We expect the company to be very successful and we are looking for interns who can grow with us and make a career with our company. The unpaid positions are part time internships for as much as 90 days, after which we can discuss a paid position.

Applicants should send their resume to:

Kind regards,

Paul Goodson
Lives of Style


3 job categories are available -- Office Assistant, Brand Ambassador, and Final Cut Pro technician -- see the description


You must speak English well enough to be easily understood by a native speaker, and compose messages without any obvious grammatical errors.

Beyond that, we believe that enthusiasm, reliability and commitment for what we are doing are the most important criteria for success with Lives of Style.

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