Steadicam Operator

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dakdan entertainment
DAKDAN Studio At the Hillcrest Event Center 16260 East 350th Street
Coal Valley, IL
Posted: 549 days ago
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: Part-time, Unpaid

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The steadicam is a camera mounting device that utilizes a mechanical arm attached to a body harness to provide extremely smooth hand-held shots. The steadicam operator is responsible for setting up and operating the steadicam during production. Most steadicam operators are very physically fit due to the amount of strength and endurance needed to operate the steadicam.


-Support and report to Producer and Director during filming
-Assist in scene set up
-Assist in lighting coordination
-Assist during events and receptions
-Maintain camera equipment
-Handle valuable camera equipment


-Studio Arts, Film, Art and Design, Art History, Communications Majors (preferred)
-Possess excellent written and verbal communication
-Possess multi-tasking and coordination experience
-Passion for art and film
-Demonstrate attention to details while maintaining perspective
-Have working knowledge of basic camera operation

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