Assistant to the Founder

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Posted: 598 days ago
Company Location: Chevy Chase, MD
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 2 Part-time, Unpaid

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We are launching a new company that deals with: (a) policy, regulatory and litigation risks; (b) trading exchanges like the NYSE; and (c) a variety of environmental and energy products. We are looking for 2-3 people to play an important role. The business will be international. It is cutting-edge. In support of the new business, we will be launching a newsletter that deals with policy, regulatory and economic risks. We will develop a social media strategy. We will be developing a family of "White Papers" that will be somewhat academic but definitely cutting-edge accounting, risk management and C-level oriented. The White Papers are how we will brand our products and services and market them.


Work very closely with the founder to produce documents that support marketing and developing a business plan, while developing the business. We know the subject matter; now we need people who can take assignments and run with them. We have worked with interns before. You will be guaranteed to have published papers by the end of the Summer. The topics will be on very cutting edge business, risk management, regulatory and litigation topics regarding energy and the environment. We can explain everything when we speak.


Strong capabilities in understanding risk, risk management, corporate fiduciary duties of C-level executives, trading and marketing, and the culture of law firms, hedge funds and accountancies. Skills -- some of the following skills are needed: (a) web-design or management, (b) very good writing, footnoting, legal, economic, business oriented thinking; (c) knowledgeable of Twitter/LinkedIn and other social media tools; (d) understanding financial modelling and risk management instruments like "puts" and "calls"; (e) capacity to write a serious business plan to raise serious amounts of money; and/or (f) desktop publishing. We have previously developed world-changing businesses and can explain and prove it. We need focused people who can learn fast, produce and support a team that is betting everything on this business concept.

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