Build and Manage DataBase for EcoMagazine and Membership

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EarthTHRIVE Initiative
Company Location: San Diego, CA
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 2 Part-time, Unpaid

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Build and Manage DataBase for EcoMagazine and Membership for our new program: GAIANistas. (GAIAN as an inhabitant of our living mother planet, called GAIA, and ista, from the Italian: barista - bar tender. A GAIANista then, is an active EARTH tender). — people and organizations that are aware, active and responsible global citizens — engaged in creating a thriving and sustainable future.
Anyone committed to the process of creating a vibrant future for all humans on our little living spacestation, Earth, can be considered a GAIANista.
We have begun building a Global community of GAIANistas and GAIANista Villages.

(As EARTH is an incomprehensibly complex megasystem, our survival and wellbeing as a species is contingent on the health of a multitude of subsystems. We endorse, support and amplify the work and commitment of those working on specific facets of a thriving future: from business people, scientists and academics, from students of all ages to cosmologists, to agronomists to shamans. We honor and acknowledge those as an essential part of the process of loving awareness of our individual majesty, and right to live with health, peace and joy).
Membership includes a subscription to special areas of our website and our interactive Magazine, YourEARTH—YourFUTURE; the voice and basecamp for GAIANistas, where they can learn, share, inquire and network regarding their primary focus, plus engage with the whole Earth system and it’s multitude of facets pertaining to creating a viable future for humans on our small living planet. Other perks with membership.

Your responsibility will be to determine the best system to maintain and build our database. (Currently in Apple's BENTO - Not very usable or satisfying). Need for Membership/subscriptions, fundraising, etc.


1. Getting experience structuring and managing a growing database.
2. Taking personal responsibility for your future on Earth
3. Potential income, future gig.


Some knowledge and concern for global environmental issues, the BIG Picture, and some passion. Enjoy engaging people and listening to their needs. We can help with more knowledge. Best if you are also a committed GAIANista. (FREE)
Experience and satisfaction for creating order and base for nonprofit organization.

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