Coordinator for Contributors to interactive Eco Magazine

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EarthTHRIVE Initiative
Company Location: San Diego, CA
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 2 Part-time, Unpaid

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Forge new relationships between writers and pertinent content producers…can be scientists, individual environmentalists, nonprofits or corporations, for YourEARTH—YourFUTURE, a digital magazine.
(As EARTH is an incomprehensibly complex megasystem, our survival and wellbeing as a species is contingent on the health of a multitude of subsystems. We endorse, support and amplify the work and commitment of those working on specific facets of a thriving future: from business people, scientists and academics, from students of all ages to cosmologists, to agronomists to shamans. We honor and acknowledge those as an essential part of the process of loving awareness of our individual majesty, and right to live with health, peace and joy).

The magazine, then, covers a broad spectrum of global concerns. Our prime focus is upon positive actions toward a sustainable healthy future.

Members/subscribers to YourEARTH—YourFUTURE are people worldwide who have an active concern for a vibrant and sustainable future, providing ideas and tools for personal action.

We welcome stories for international distribution in magazine as well as “deals” with appropriate products and services for members.

Your responsibility will be to establish working relationships with content providers. Our first concern is to capture a dozen or so “names” give us credibility. Hope to be able to pay for stories in the future.


Contact, establish and maintain relationships with writers and content creators. Possibility of a long term engagement in this or a parallel position. Have some supporting graphic and textural material, including preliminary first issue of iMagazine. We can work together on a script if necessary. Must capture pertinent data on contacts.
We can work together to gather a call list.
Probe interests in sponsorships or advertising
1. Getting experience connecting with people and knowledge of their organization and systems.
2. Taking personal responsibility for your future on Earth
3. Potential income, if you can close sales with corporate pr/andvertisers...


Some knowledge and concern for global environmental issues, the BIG Picture, and some passion. Enjoy engaging people and listening to their needs. We can help with more knowledge. Best if you are also a committed GAIANista. (FREE)

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