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Andre D. Harrison is the author of From A Fatherless Father To His Sons. This book is about the lessons he learned growing up without a father that he is teaching to his sons and to the young men he mentors. He also empowers singe mothers having to raise children on their own and encourages absentee dads to return to the role of father in children's lives.


With this position, the intern will be required to book speaking engagements and negotiate speaking honorarium with the event host, as well as negotiate travel expenses (if event is outside of the 5 boroughs if New York City). Intern will be responsible for researching schools, churches, community organizations and conferences to book Andre D. Harrison to speak about Fatherlessness, Mentoring, Faith in God, Being Young and Cool, Parenting, Marriage, Abstinence and Sex and other topics pertaining to youth and family.


The intern must be a go-getter. Great communication skills and not afraid to introduce the product to people. Experience in event booking is not required but does help.

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