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THE GIP FOUNDATION, INC. is a developing non-profit organization dedicated to the public with the specific purpose to uplift, empower, teach and support at risk female adults, teens and children so that they can become emotionally, physically, and financially self-reliant in order to become mindful contributors to their communities.

Founded by a single mother of three girls, passionate and motivated to encourage, foster and inspire "Girls." Mission to deliver life-changing programs to Teen Youth ages 11 – 16 years
“Mentoring Opportunities” for Young Women ages 16-24. These workshops use 4-parts (arts, health, purpose, & fellowship) & are lead by women passionate about their talents, share these assets in a designed skill-building curriculum.


Will be asked to:
Work closely with the Project Coordinator in planning events for Girls in Power empowerment seminars
Help to coordinate the workshops/event, including the location, guest speakers, and materials
Help coordinate the annual fundraiser in April


Knowledge: Classes and/or experience in event planning or coordination; knows how to contact and solicit businesses to allow for events to be held in their venues; knows how to negotiate reasonable prices, or is willing to learn
Skills: written and verbal communication (esp. in email and telephone calls); can calmly problem solve; can think ahead in event preparation and issues that may arise; great interpersonal communication; outgoing and positive personality; organization
Abilities: can meet or call businesses to ask for venue information and donation options; able to see the big picture of what needs to happen and the details of what is needed to get there; can follow directions and work independently.

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