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DIHPR, LLC is a full-service boutique firm specializing in public relations, creative marketing, branding, special events and online relations. DIHPR quickly and efficiently reach the desired target market by engaging and interacting with the audience following the development of social media tools. Our strong presence in the NY Cosmopolitan Social Scene allows us to network and create bridges through diverse industries.


Our Mission at DIHPR is to provide value of service above the norm. We promote each individual clients brand to excel every expectation within their industry; therefore we strategically develop and market every key opportunity.

Reflecting our dedication to elite imagery and top notch professional service, DIHPR will captivate and materialize your vision, preserve the quality of your image and launch your brand to the highest of heights.

Our services are very personalized and tailored to each client. Also, we have strong partnerships with skilled professionals in order to provide a spectrum of quality services. At DIHPR, we believe your image is important because you do not get a second chance with the first impression!

We are looking for Interns to fill several positions with in the company
Social Media Marketing Intern, PR Interns, Event Planning Interns, Graphic Designer Intern and Photography Intern. The interns will be granted School credit and a character recommendation. Other benefits may apply after 90 days. Applicants should know about Blogs for many industries especially fashion, entertainment, travel and so on. Applicant should know some photoshop and other graphic programs (not a requirement, but helps)


- Assist in developing and contributing to clients event
- Be able to attend events and organize events
- Customer service and interpersonal skills are required.
- Calm Under Pressure: Many things can go wrong during an event, and something eventually will. Event planners need to remain calm during crisis and the high pressure of an event in progress.
- Computer Skills: Modern event planners rely on computers to communicate, plan, budget and organize their events.
- Organization: Should be focused, detailed oriented and organized so that the event goes off without a hitch.
- Problem-Solving Skills: Inevitably, something will go wrong at an event. Being able to quickly solve the issue is required.


- Excellent communication skills
- Knowledge of media production, communication, and dissemination techniques and methods.
- An innovative self-starter with problem solving skills, creativity, ambition, and a strong work ethic.
Must be able to multi-task, professional and dedicated to your position
Applicant must be a current student, detailed and organized
Must be fashionable, fun-loving and professional
Must be able to navigate internet and social media
Must be able to attend Company meetings and events
Must be able to work atleast 3 days weekly from home or remotely, etc
Must have HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA and or College degree and Credits

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