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Event Planning Intern (Montclair)
Our organization is looking for interns to join our team. This is an un-paid internship, though we are more than happy to provide a letter of reference and/or verbal references with future employers. With our extensive network of high-profile executives, we love to connect our interns and volunteers with these individuals and provide a space for them to network and meet strategic individuals for career advancement. Our intern program advocates for hands-on learning experiences and provides interns with an interactive, productive, and educational experience to be mentored by our directors and managers. As a community and event planning intern, you will be able to evaluate return on investments pre and post-events, deliverable expectations, budget planning and execution, partnership and corporate or individual sponsorships, and social media or promotional platforms. Our goal is to build ambassadors out of our interns, and train them to eventually lead and coordinate the event itself.

Paid stipend for interns who commit to 24hrs a week or more+


The duties and responsibilities of an event manager are as follows:
• The main duty is to study the best way to carry out the event.
• He or she has to identify the target audience.
• He or she is responsible for planning and coordinating all aspects before any can be executed.
• He or she has to execute the event and ensure that it complies with the local and national safety regulations.
• He or she needs to draw up the budget for the all that is needed and negotiate for low prices on behalf of the client.
• It will be the duty to hire staff and equipment.
• He or she has the responsibility to cater to each client’s needs and keeping a record of the expenses.
• Create all marketing strategies.


-at least 18 years of age
-some amount of experience with event planning
-currently enrolled or graduated from educational institution
-can commit ~ 5 hours a week, once a week
-driver's license and vehicle or ability to utilize NJT transportation system

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