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Savory Taste LLC. is a young mobile food and wine special events business. We create events for the public throughout the year. We pride ourselves in dramatic visual effects and great food and wine, while entertaining the public and assisting businesses by supplementing their marketing efforts.

We are seeking a team of experts in culinary, social media, event planning, corporate sponsorship and management interns.
Bring fresh ideas to the table, and build brand awareness! We need the right volunteers to enjoy the work they do !
Are you a results oriented person ?
Do you finish projects on time ?
Are you a go getter?
Do people follow your lead?
Can you work with a team?
Do you work great under pressure ?
Are you organized?
Are you prompt ?
These are some of the questions we need to know about you.

Building a team of professionals is very important to a business, and we need a team to make things happen!


We will come together twice a month to create special events, large and small via telephone, internet or in person.
You will be given duties and assignments needed for upcoming events.


Must be 21 years or older / team player / multiple opportunities.
Must have proven success with attendance with social events through social media/marketing/advertising or assisted in this capacity.
Knowledge of Photoshop and capabilities to creates ads and promos for future events.
Must major /minor in event planning or assisted in organizing major special events or non profit organizations.
Must major in management/event management with skills and abilities of team management and organization.
Must major/ minor in culinary arts with knowledge of preparation of food & wine appearance. Must live in Atlanta Ga.
Must have proven success in receiving sponsorship from businesses. Must be able to create portfolio for submission to businesses .

How To Apply

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