Retail Leadership Development

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We are an event-based direct marketing firm, specializing in the retail development, brand awareness, and product launches for about 20 high-end clients, by running in-store retail events for them. We do not perform any door-to-door, cold calling, or outside sales. We already have our clients established in our portfolio. Southern Spark Inc. is one of the top marketing firms in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex that is continually expanding and gaining new clients.

The internship would include learning basic marketing skills and promotional strategies. We are then looking to cross-train an individual on the more behind the scenes aspects including overseeing the event for a particular client.


• Bachelor's degree in Marketing / Business Management

• Leadership skills (student groups, internships, work, etc.)

• Minimum 3.0 GPA

• Strong interpersonal, verbal, and communication skills

• Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite

• Ability to analyze customer needs, present solutions and add value through delivery of products and services

• Work well in a fast-changing environment that requires a high degree of multi-tasking

• Effective sales, negotiation and closing skills

• Flexible work schedule, including nights and weekends

• Ambition, energy, and a desire to achieve and succeed

• Bilingual skills are a plus

If you're ready to achieve and motivate others to do the same-a top performer looking to prove yourself- We are the place for you!

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