Signature Events Intern

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The Immokalee Foundation
3960 Radio Rd
Naples, FL
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: Part-time, Unpaid

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The Immokalee Foundation, a non-profit in Naples Florida has a focused and disciplined approach to providing supplemental educational support with measurable outcomes for the children in the public school system in Immokalee Florida. Our program delivers an abundance of instructional guidance with financial assistance for post-secondary education.The Immokalee Foundation is looking for an energetic, resourceful, focused and a disciplined team player to join us in an internship position. This position plays an integral part in planning and executing the signature events of the organization. The intern will work directly under the lead of the event and teams responsible for putting together the detailed plans to execute the events. The potential candidate must be able to work independently, as well as work well with in a team. This position will demand high organizational skills, effective communication, scheduling recruitment of volunteers and weekly updates. You must be able to work well under pressure, communicate effectively and professionally with donors, volunteers and co-workers. Additional responsibilities could include but are not limited to communication with vendors, entire TIF staff, TIF students and other volunteers assigned. This position will report to the Director of Communications and Fundraising Events of TIF.


• Plan and coordinate aspects of the event relating to the volunteer recruitment. You would be in charge of recruiting volunteers to assist in mailings, the golf event and the dinner event. This would require Excel Spreadsheet management, timeline organization and training procedures.
• Coordination with vendors, volunteers, and staff. The coordination would encompass training materials preparation, cross referencing spreadsheets and database lists to ensure proper reporting.
• Stay within budgeted requirements. This individual would work with the Director of Communications and Fundraising Events on developing an understanding of looking at budgets of an event. This portion of the internship would allow the individual to grow and see the relation between the event and priority needs.
• Work with team to obtain objectives. The objectives would be attained by working within a strict timeline learning to deal with tight deadlines.
• Work with staff and volunteers on event days, rehearsals and trainings to ensure the event’s success. As the event intern, this individual would work closely under the Director of Communications and Fundraising Events to learn management techniques with different organizational departments.
• Complete summary event reports bi-weekly. This report is requested to show the progression of the intern and the education gained. Other duties assigned. As we move closer to the event, the intern will understand that a non-profit is a flowing entity that incorporates changes and pressing matters. Duties may be assigned due to changing needs surrounding the event.


• Experience planning or supporting events.
•Preferred - experience with Microsoft Office Suite. Specifically the intern would need to manage spreadsheets, work with procedures to complete cross referencing items, mail merges, and strong typing skills.
•Experience in data collection and updating. When analyzing an event, understanding the data, numbers and budget requires frequent updating. The intern will grow in this area to understand the management of budgets.
•Good organizational skills. Organization of a calendar, event information, and volunteer contact information is essential. The intern is expected to keep their calendar organized and keep all event information at hand.
•Great communication and writing skills. Daily (or when the intern is present in the office) the Director of Communications and Fundraising Events will host a daily meeting to ensure the projects assigned are completed. In addition, communication and strong writing skills branches into a customer service quality. High quality and excellence is a TIF standard.
•Proper business English, punctuation, spelling, and grammatical usage.
•Customer service techniques for public contact in person, on the phone, and in written communications.
•Recordkeeping procedures.

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