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First-Ever American Jobs Conference Brings Unique Networking Opportunity to Twitter

July 13, 2011

American Jobs Conference on Twitter

When you sign up for the American Jobs Conference, you can create a tweetable badge that introduces you to other attendees.

Update: This morning, we’re proud to announce the addition of former Miami mayor Manny Diaz to our slate of panelists.

By Alex Braun

Don’t have a job? Don’t have a car? Don’t have feet?

None of these are an excuse for missing the American Jobs Conference on Tuesday (7/19), a first-of-its-kind, free Twitter event that will provide top-quality advice and networking opportunities for navigating this difficult job market.’s sister company,, has lined up business, political, career and social media experts who will be answering your submitted questions on Twitter, and you’ll be able to follow the action from a single dashboard that lets you speak your mind, vote on job issues, network with other attendees and follow the speakers you care about most. And you don’t even need to have a Twitter account to participate – although it is recommended.

Our “Tweetnote” speaker is Tim Pawlenty, former governor of Minnesota, who will discuss his ideas for helping Americans get back into the workforce while replying to user-submitted questions, which you can start entering here. Pawlenty’s Tweetnote will be followed by Tweet Panels and Career Chats with industry experts, professional career coaches and HR experts who are interested in meeting tech-savvy aspiring professionals like you who want to get off the couch and back to work. You can view the full list of speakers here.

Tim Pawlenty tweets about the American Jobs Conference

Though T-Paw is a politician and presidential candidate, the American Jobs Conference isn’t a political event. The idea is to bring together many different people that influence the job market in one place through the power of social networking, to have a healthy, intelligent debate and create relationships that lead to steady employment.

You can choose to attend the conference as a Job Seeker, Employer, Recruiter, Career Expert, Social Media Expert, Currently Employed or “Other” (if you’re one of those types who resist labels). To RSVP for the conference and create your tweetable conference badge, click here.