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Tracey’s Angle- How to make the most out of visiting a career fair

September 9, 2010

It's me!

Today’s the day. The career fair at your school begins in about an hour, and you’re wondering what you should wear, if it matters, and what you should bring with you.  How’s the interaction between you and the employers going to be facilitated?  Before going to my first career fair, I too had all of these questions lingering in my mind.  Here are the answers that I wish someone would have been there to tell me.

“What do I wear to a career fair?' Your attire should be business causal. Boys, you don’t necessarily need to wear a suit and tie, but nice slacks and a polo or some sort of collared shirt would be beneficial.  Girls, heels and/or a skirt are not necessary, but a collared shirt, or a nice blouse and flats would be appropriate.

“What do I bring with me to a career fair?' When prepping for a career fair, make sure to bring about 10-15 copies of your resume, and thought out questions to ask various employers.  You would be surprised at how many employers at career fairs hold onto resumes that they receive from interested students. Bring  copies of your resume just in case.

“How should I speak to employers at career fairs?' Always maintain a business professional tone with employers at career fairs. Remember,the fair is set-up to give you an opportunity to learn all about various companies,it is not the time for you and an employer to share your life stories.

Take advantage of the career fairs at your school, and/or in your neighborhood.  You never know whom you will meet, or what company will interest you.

Until next time, Adios!


Tracey L.

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