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5 in 5! with Dite Bray, Director of Ladder Learning Services

March 19, 2013

Dite Bray is the Director of Ladder Learning Services LLC, a tutoring company focused on helping kids and adults with learning and attention challenges in the Atlanta, GA metro area. Ladder Learning Services has helped over 50 students with dyslexia, ADHD, and other challenges in reading, spelling, writing, handwriting and math skills. You can find more information on Facebook.

1. How did you get started in the industry? How can someone who is interested in your work get started?

David Murdico

Dite Bray, Director of Ladder Learning Services

I was lucky to be trained by a non-profit in Orton-Gillingham tutoring methods for dyslexia. I also went to a school for learning disabilities as a child. I started my own tutoring business upon moving to Atlanta in 2008, and I have been learning “on the job” ever since. Someone interested in the tutoring business can start working for other tutoring companies, or just start small on their own. There are lots of different websites and ways to market yourself online.

2. What’s the future of your industry or job?

The tutoring industry is growing exponentially; having a specific niche like catering to learning disabilities is very beneficial as a way to distinguish yourself from the big companies. There will always be room for tutors who can do in-home tutoring for busy families.

3. What do you look for when you hire an intern or entry-level candidate?

Someone who is passionate about helping kids with learning disabilities, has a lot of energy, has excellent communication skills, and can work independently and learn things quickly.

4. What is one thing an intern can do to make a favorable impression?

An intern who shows specific interest in the education industry and an entrepreneurial spirit.

5. Can you share a positive intern story and an intern horror story? No names needed…

I have only had one other intern so I’ll decline to answer this question!

Interested in interning for Ladder Learning Services? They’re currently looking for an Educational Services intern! Apply now.

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