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5 in 5! with Lei Langston, the Dangerous Lee

January 10, 2013

Dangerous Lee (Lei Langston) is a brand with various projects in the fields of web publishing, writing, acting, painting, and internet radio has also worked professionally in the radio, television, and music industries over the course of her career. You can find more information on Twitter and Facebook.

1. How did you get started in the industry? How can someone who is interested in your work get started?

Dangerous Lee

Dangerous Lee

DangerousLee.Biz started out as a website to highlight my career and personal life, but in the last two years or so I have taken it to be what it is now; The Dangerous Lee News & Entertainment Network. To take it to the next level I feature content in all areas except sports and I do that by using various guest writers.

2. What’s the future of your industry or job?

I hope the future consists of more media mentions (I was recently mentioned on the TODAY show), and that DangerousLee.Biz will be one of the top 100 websites in the world.

3. What do you look for when you hire an intern or entry-level candidate?

Someone that has a knack for social media marketing and exceptional writing skills is a plus!

4. What is one thing an intern can do to make a favorable impression?

Create viral content.

5. Can you share a positive intern story and an intern horror story? No names needed…

I can’t do this until I have a few interns under my belt.

Interested in interning with Dangerous Lee? She’s currently looking for Social Media interns! Apply now.

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