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5 in 5! with Payal, CEO & Co-Founder of Classtivity

March 5, 2012

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Classtivity (@classtivitycom) is a free, one-stop marketplace and the most comprehensive online hub for classes and activities. Classtivity offers thousands of experiences, from spinning and martial arts, to golf and trapeze lessons. Classtivity eliminates the frustration of surfing multiple websites, which typically results in abandoned searches and unmet challenges. As a central hub for classes, Classtivity helps consumers take the first steps in discovering or rediscovering their hobbies and passions, based on key factors that are important to them, including neighborhood, time, class difficulty and descriptions.

Payal Kadakia is the CEO & Co-Founder of Classtivity.

1. How did you get started in the industry? How can someone who is interested?

Payal Kadakia, CEO & Co-Founder of ClasstivityI’ve been student of dance since age three…and I guess I have always been a “dancetrepreneur.” Today, I am the CEO and co-founder of It was my passion for dance and entrepreneurship that led to its founding. As a student at MIT, my commitment to dance merged with my entrepreneurial spirit when I started an Indian Fusion Dance Troupe. Flash forward to life in New York City, where I founded the nationally-acclaimed Sa Dance Company in 2009. I quickly led the company to achieve tremendous community support, sold out performances, celebrity endorsements and positive reviews in The New York Times and prominent South Asian media. Prior to founding Classtivity, I worked as a consultant at Bain & Company and in Warner Music Group’s Digital Strategy and Business Development Group. For anyone interested in becoming an entrepreneur, I’d say don’t be afraid of pursuing and sharing your passion.

2. What’s the future of your industry?

As a greater portion of the population becomes more health conscious there is a trend towards staying fit through classes and activities. A perfect example is the emergence of new activities that are attracting people by the millions, such as Zumba and Yoga. We at Classtivity hope to make the process of finding these, and other leisure & recreational classes more convenient, further helping the class market continue to grow.

3. What do you look for when you hire an intern or entry-level candidate?

The main characteristics I look for are enthusiasm, work ethic, team fit, interest in our space, and eagerness to learn.

4. What is one thing an intern/candidate can do to make a favorable impression?

Whenever you’re working somewhere, going above and beyond by taking initiative can always make a favorable impression.

5. Can you share a positive intern story, maybe an intern horror story? No names needed…

We have a great intern story. This summer a friend of ours introduced us to our first intern. She has been an invaluable employee and has since helped us establish “the voice” of Classtivity. She came up with our stellar slogan, “Because finding a class shouldn’t be harder than taking one” and has written some really great posts for our recently launched blog.

Inspired by Payal’s story? Classtivity is looking for interns to join them in NYC’s Silicon Alley startup community, learn more and apply here.

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