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5 in 5! with Zed Dhalla, National Account Manager for Lochness Medical Inc.

March 14, 2013

Zed Dhalla

Zed Dhalla, National Account Manager for Lochness Medical Inc.

1. How did you get started in the industry? How can someone who is interested in your work get started?

I got started in the industry through an internship offered at my University in my Senior year while pursuing my Bachelor of Commerce degree. One of the best ways to make a positive impression in a corporation is through excelling in an internship. I had little to no experience in the medical field, but knew that I wanted to exploit a great opportunity when I saw one. If you are the type of person who is passionate in your goals and does not like to settle for mediocracy, contact me with any questions about Lochness Medical Inc, the positions available, or myself at

2. What’s the future of your industry or job?

The future for Lochness Medical Inc. is extremely bright and it makes for truly exciting times right now. We are only at the beginning stages of our growth. Due to our numerous significant competitive advantages over all of our competition, the opportunities are endless. Right now the point of care diagnostics market in the USA is at an annual market growth of 8-9% forecasted until 2016, being worth approximately $16.5 billion.

3. What do you look for when you hire an intern or entry-level candidate?

Someone who does not settle for mediocracy. Being naturally internally motivated is the single most valuable trait to have in a candidate. All other skill sets can evolve and grow around that factor. My job is to try and channel and coach the motivation so that someone is the most efficient and effective they can be. Other quality traits are the ability to learn and adapt quickly, communication skills, professionalism and methodical and analytical sense.

4. What is one thing an intern can do to make a favorable impression?

Execute. Anyone can say what they mean but few actually mean what they say. Executing a plan while having the results to back it, truly exemplifies why they stand out among the rest.

5. Can you share a positive intern story and an intern horror story? No names needed…

I can share a story about my personal internship with the company, which contains a little of both.

Starting out, I knew next to nothing about the medical field, and had not had much sales experience. I also could not attend the formal training due to a family emergency. This showed as in my first month, I was the nation’s lowest earning salesperson. My business expenses exceeded my total sales revenue. Talk about horror story? I was worried about losing my internship, which would set me back in my credits with university. I even got a call from my boss stating this position may not be right for me.

From that moment, I knew I had to channel my motivation. I used my external resources, improved product knowledge and learnt from my mistakes. The next week I was the top intern in the nation, and the following month. This momentum carried for the following two months, being awarded top salesman.

I truly believe that failure is the premise for success. It was evident in my case as I needed to face that adversity to get where I am today with the company.

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