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Boeing Helps Students Find the Perfect Career Fit with Their Business Intern Program

November 5, 2013

Finding a company and position that are the right fit for starting a career can be challenging for new grads. The Boeing Business Intern Program aims to give students a jump-start on finding the perfect career placement after school. At Boeing, students are able to expand on their current skills and enhance their professional development.

Camilo Moreno-Salamanca, a graduate of the University of Washington, completed two summer internships with the Business Intern Program – contributing to the company in a variety of areas.

“Before the internship even begins, Boeing holds events for you to meet managers and match your interests. They really make sure that there’s a common likeness with the team and area that your internship project might fall under,” he says of the initial on-boarding process.

During this time, he connected with a manufacturing manager, who took notice of his background in marketing and created a special assignment to match his interests. Through their hiring process, Boeing considers your job and location preferences as well as their hiring needs for best-fit placement.

“Each assignment allowed me the chance to do something different and meet new people. Upon graduation, I was offered a full-time position with Boeing – I’m confident that my internships have provided a solid foundation for starting my career and whatever path I decide to take in the future.

At Boeing, interns are valued team members who are given the opportunity to make an impact across the business. The 12-week summer intern program offers real-world challenges and access to mentors across the company.

“If students want to challenge themselves and play in a global environment, then this is the place,” says Camilo. “It’s impossible to not take some sort of growth away from the internship experience at Boeing.”

Business interns can find positions in a variety of areas within the supply chain, finance and business operations teams. Assignment possibilities span areas like accounting and contracts, supply chain logistics and global trade, manufacturing operations and more. The breadth of opportunities and activities give students the support to grow into future leaders.

Boeing is now seeking candidates for its 2014 Business Intern Program. For more information, please visit the Boeing Business Intern Program website here.

How to Apply Online – deadline Nov. 15
Eligible candidates must be available to work full-time for a minimum of 10 weeks (12 weeks preferred) and must apply online during the Fall semester prior to the start of the summer intern program.

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