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Company Spotlight: Author Feast

August 13, 2013

Author FeastAuthor Feast is an online show where writers of diverse backgrounds and writing styles talk about their work and the publishing industry. Author Feast’s goal is to spread pragmatic knowledge about the  process of writing and to offer up real-world advice on getting work published. They also want to introduce readers to their favorite writers, and great writers to a new audience.

Luke Abaffy, founder of Author Feast, shares the history of the online show:

Author Feast was started on November 1, 2012 because I love two things: writing and interviewing people. I thought, what if I did both at once, and got to meet awesome people at the same time? So I did. Since that time we’ve posted one interview with a new author every Tuesday.

What’s the work environment like at Author Feast?

Author Feast Behind the Scenes

Luke: I’ve had one intern in the past and a current intern who I found through The first worked with me in the office and we had a great time, but the current intern works remotely from Mississippi—while I’m in New York. I like to think that the work environment is fun and laid back. I have goals for Author Feast. I communicate them to my intern and then parse out tasks to get us there. Then I say, “Innovate. If you have any ideas tell me and we’ll do them.”

The cool thing is that though Author Feast is on a specific track it’s also a pretty open environment where we can test things that other companies might think are crazy. We’re also so small that we’re ridiculously mobile and can turn on a dime when we see something working. Interns here get to be fully immersed in the publishing world and deal with authors publicists and almost every aspect of the industry.

Are there any fun or interesting facts about Author Feast?

Luke: Though we’ve had Pulitzer nominated authors, NY Times best sellers do interviews remotely with us, I originally wanted to do all the interviews in person and over dinner—putting the Feast in Author Feast. This may have been a bad idea because of the whole eating and talking thing—but I still want it to happen in the future.

If you are interesting in interning with Author Feast, click here to apply and check out Author Feast on Facebook and Twitter.

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